The Concept of ADU for California’s Housing Crisis

It’s no secret that the state of California has an affordable housing shortage.

From million dollar condos and townhomes to remodeled 1970’s modern homes that appealed to the millennial market, it is the demand to live and work in the Golden State that outweighs the supply of affordable housing.

Unfortunately, the Silicon Valley’s ever growing tech industry is one of the many problems.

According to KQED, “between 2010 and 2017, nearly 20 percent of all new Californians were either being born in or moving to the Bay”.

While mobile/manufactured housing is an option to those looking to not share a wall with a neighbor, another option is what you would hear in the news: granny flats, in-law units, and backyard units. What do they mean?

The technical term for these names is the accessory dwelling unit (ADU). No matter what you call them, ADUs are an innovative, affordable, effective option for adding much-needed housing in California.

As reported by Matt Levin of CALmatters, these units are “typically around 500 square feet and have a bathroom and kitchen, are especially popular among older California families looking to downsize and rent out their main property”.

What are the benefits of ADUs?

  • ADUs are an affordable type of home to construct in California because they do not require paying for land, major new infrastructure, structured parking, or elevators.
  • ADUs can provide a source of income for homeowners.
  • ADUs are built with cost-effective wood frame construction, which is significantly less costly than homes in new multifamily infill buildings.
  • ADUs allow extended families to be near one another while maintaining privacy.
  • ADUs can provide as much living space as many newly-built apartments and condominiums, and they’re suited well for couples, small families, friends, young people, and seniors.
  • ADUs give homeowners the flexibility to share independent living areas with family members and others, allowing seniors to age in place as they require more care.

At Alliance Manufactured Homes, we can help you get an ADU unit for your private property. For more information, contact us at (888) 874-8692.


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