Benefits of Living in Manufactured Home Communities

Manufactured home communities are not what you may think! You’ll be surprised to find out that many communities attract all types of lifestyles and offer  luxurious amenities. We’ve included a short video on what you can expect to find in these wonderful communities!

Benefits of Living in Manufactured Home Communities

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The Time to Become a Home Owner is Now!


Purchasing a home can be a long complicated and confusing drawn out process. Given the current state of home sales the past few years has not helped in the process, but now is the time to purchase a manufactured home!

Alliance can make the process of purchasing a new home easy for you! We can help you find the home of your dreams with the upgrades and location that suits you best!

According to the article, Is the time right for a prefab home?, it states, “With an average sales price of $65,000, new mobile homes and modular homes can be a cost-effective way to own your own home without a large outlay of cash, the Manufactured Housing Institute says. Ideal candidates may be college-bound students, downsizing adults or anyone seeking lower utility bills.”

If trying to list, sell, or purchase a manufactured home Alliance is your one stop shop! We can be your ally to becoming a home owner. Now is the right time to finalize that decision and become a manufactured home owner! Please check out the rest of the article at Is the time right for a prefab home?

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Looking for a Home, But Don’t Want to Change Communities?

Ever thought of upgrading to a new home?
Don’t want to leave your neighbors or community?
Is your home too small?
Looking to save on energy bills?

If you answered “yes” to all these questions, then a trade-in is the perfect solution!

This is your chance to trade to a new home. There are many benefits associated with trading in your older mobile home for a new, more energy efficient one such as lower interest rates, increase in equity, and an improvement in lifestyle. You can also experience green features such as superior insulation systems, high-performance windows & doors, tight construction and ducts, quality heating and cooling equipment, and ENERGY STAR Qualified appliances. Plus, you don’t have to worry about moving to an entirely new community. We have plenty of floor plans to fit your lifestyle and budget. You can choose from any of our customized features from our contemporary floor plans to interior upgrades.

So if you love your neighbors and your community, but would like the comfort and lifestyle that comes with a new home and value that is unrivaled on the market for any type of residence, now is the time to trade up. We will make the process a stress free one. Any of our highly reputable agents can assist you and answer any questions you may have at (888) 874-8692. Your dream home is one call away! Why Compromise?

Merry Christmas!

Can you believe it? The most widely celebrated holiday is just days away! Christmas has become a traditional holiday where family and friends gather to create unforgettable moments and share home cooked meals. Children anxiously await for a popular figure known to have many names such as Santa Clause, Saint Nicholas, and Kris Kringle to stuff their stockings and place gifts under the Christmas tree. This highly anticipated federal holiday is celebrated by many around the world. Christmas trees, house decorations, wreaths, Christmas music, caroling, gift exchanges, and card exchanges are just some of the many traditions that have become associated with the holiday.

Alliance Homes would like to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas! We hope your holiday is filled with peace, love & laughter!

How to Winterize Your Home!


Along with the holiday season comes chilly weather and high electricity bills, now is a great time to prepare your home for this winter.

During these cold Winter months it’s important to have a warm and cozy living environment. There are many things you can do to increase the energy efficiency of your home.

Investing in quality insulation and windows are just some of many ways to do so and here are some great benefits to consider:

Saves energy. Our new homes are complete with Energy Star rated windows that feature advanced technologies such as glass coatings, vacuum-sealed spaces, and better weather stripping. This reduces the amount of energy used by nearly 50%! The energy efficiency of your home increases while the amount of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere decreases.

Saves money. Say good-bye to high energy bills! Great insulation and windows pays for itself in the long run. This will drastically lower the amount of money spent on heating each month and makes a huge difference year round.

Improves overall comfort. Keeping your home properly insulated and having energy star rated windows ensures stable temperatures throughout your home. Heat is better kept indoors and will keep your home much warmer.

Our Installations department is more than happy to answer any of your questions or concerns. Call (888) 874-8692 for more information!


Alliance Giving Back to the Community In Many Ways

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The holiday season is in full effect and with the economy being as bad as the economy has been, the holiday season seems to become a time of depression rather than a time to rejoice. Since October, Alliance Manufactured Homes has been hosting a canned food and toy drive in accordance with the Sunnyvale Community Service Center to help the less fortunate families of the Sunnyvale community this holiday season.

Alliance collected and donated a variety of canned goods as well as many fun toys for children of all ages. On Monday December 5th, eight-team members from the Marketing Department volunteered at the Sunnyvale Community Services Center.  Four members help put together close to 300 bags of fresh produce enough for each family to use for two weeks. The other four members then assisted these families to their cars by pushing carts filled with food and goodies and loading them into their cars. They also unloaded trucks filled with bags of donated coats, jackets, and sweatshirts.

“One of the best feelings was seeing the huge smiles on someone’s face as they came through the center. It was amazing to see all of the volunteers coming together all for the same purpose: simply to make a difference,” said Shannon, one of the volunteers.

Witnessing how happy and thankful the less fortunate residents of Sunnyvale were with all of the food brought smiles to the Alliance Marketing members’ faces. Even when the times are hard for millions of people, a simple donation or taking a few hours to volunteer goes a long way.” Seeing all the people who were at the center as we volunteered made the experience that much more real because we got to see where all our donations went and how thankful for everything everyone was,” said Natalie, another one of the volunteers.

If you would like to make a difference in someone’s life visit SVC’s website at

Going Green Never Felt So Good

You CAN own an affordable energy efficient home! Skyline Homes builds their homes with Green Construction in mind in order to decrease our environmental impact. Energy star appliances and low flow fixtures are just some of the many features included in Skyline homes that help lower energy consumption and in return lower your utility bill. Check out our video for more information on Skyline’s energy efficient homes!

Meet April Dawn!

April grew up in Sanger, California and later moved to the Bay Area where she has lived for the past 20 years.

Following high school, she registered for the military in the Marine Core and soon after attended the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) where she studied Design for 3 years. When her husband accepted a job for Yahoo!, she decided to find work in Sunnyvale.

In 2006, she began a career in the manufactured housing industry for Advantage Homes where she performed administration and warranty work, as well as handled service issues. When Alliance Manufactured Homes decided to open their doors later that year, she became a sales agent and has been with the company ever since.

According to April, the most rewarding thing about being a sales agent for Alliance is helping families find their dream home. With experience in design she is able to help her clients custom design beautiful new homes. Her familiarity with construction and factories helps her excel in new home design. April loves and respects people and it shows in the customer service she delivers. She strongly values the friendships made in sales with her clients and because of this she has been recognized as the top Sunnyvale New Home Agent for four consecutive years. April looks forward to helping you find or custom design your dream home!

For more information on April or any of our experienced agents, visit our website!

Live in Luxury By Living Green


Skyline Logo

One of our home manufacturers, Skyline Manufactured Homes ensures their homes are energy efficient in three ways: manufacturing the homes in a manner which is environmentally safe, building safety, and building the homes with many green features. We have included information from their website.  Let’s take a closer look!

Manufacturing the Homes in a Manner Which is Environmentally Safe 

  • Skyline has over 65 permits with environmental agencies and is continuously inspected to verify strict adherence to permit requirements. Despite these stringent requirements, Skyline has not paid a single penny due to an environmental violation in more than a decade
  • Skyline has completely eliminated generation of hazardous waste from all production materials. The only potentially-hazardous wastes generated are batteries from our walkies-talkies and fluorescent light bulbs. Both of these wastes are recycled through approved facilities
  • Skyline has eliminated purchasing materials in drums wherever possible to eliminate the cost and potential liabilities associated with disposal of contaminated drums
  • Each Skyline factory recycles all process waste materials, including wood, metal and plastic where feasible. At many factories, waste sawdust and drywall is used locally as a soil amendment and for animal bedding

Building Safety

  • According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, Skyline is four times safer than the average manufactured home factory. Better safety translates to a happier and healthier employee and a better product
  • Skyline invites OSHA to perform a voluntary inspection at each factory annually to continue to improve safety performance
  • Skyline has implemented an ergonomics program throughout the company since 1999 to improve worker safety and indentify best practices despite OSHA withdrawing regulations requiring such
  • Skyline has implemented a risk reduction program that has resulted in world-class safety performance. In recognition of this accomplishment, Skyline was requested to participate on the national advisory board of one of the nation’s largest insurance companies to indentify, promote, and share continuous improvement opportunities

Building the Homes with Many Green Features

Resource Efficiency:

  • Use of Prefabricated components (trusses)
  • Efficient framing practices through framing details and cut lists
  • Water Resistive Barriers (Tyvek for example) are standard on some products available on others
  • Ice Barriers available in cold climates

Energy Efficiency:

  • Energy Star Homes available
  • Energy Star appliances (dishwasher, refrigerator, clothes washer available.)
  • Building envelope treated to limit air infiltration leakage (mating line gasket, caulking at major envelope joints and penetrations, etc.)

Waste Efficiency:

  • Use of low flow fixtures (1.6 gpf toilets, 2.5 gpm showerheads and faucets.)
  • Energy Star dishwashers and clothes washers available

Indoor Environmental Quality:

  • Use low emissions wood (plywood meets PS-1, OSB meets PS-2)
  • Low formaldehyde emitting products used (CARB, etc.)
  • Water lines not installed in exterior walls
  • Sealed combustion or direct vent fuel burning appliances available (furnaces and water heaters)

To learn more ways in which Skyline is going green check out their website at

Do You Feel The Shaking? Have No Fear Your Manufactured Home Will Be Safe!

California is known for many hot topics, one of those hot topics being earthquakes. For a few years now, many have wondered when the next big earthquake will strike California. In recent weeks earthquakes having been striking and causing damage all over the world. These recent earthquakes have led many potential buyers to ponder how well a manufactured home will fair during one.

In an interview with Ara Sarkisian, a partner in Alliance Manufactured Homes, with an extensive background in engineering, architecture, and construction, addresses the safety features of manufactured homes.

What are some common misconceptions about the safety of manufactured homes?

“The biggest misconception is that manufactured homes are flimsy and fall apart easy. This is due to the videos we see on television about old mobile home parks in hurricanes. The fact of the matter is that the new manufactured homes are built as strong as or stronger than conventional homes.”

With the recent earthquakes hitting all over the world, how would manufactured homes fair in earthquakes?

“Manufactured homes fair very well during earthquakes. They are built with a high percentage of shear walls, which offers great structural support during any shaking or rattling from an earthquake.”

Do manufactured home parks have an emergency drill in place when earthquakes hit?

“Manufactured home parks have emergency procedures including evacuation procedures for any type of natural disaster. Here in the Bay Area, we would mostly be dealing with earthquakes, floods, or power outages. The manufactured home parks are required by the state of California to have on file Evacuation Procedures for their residents.”

 How big of a magnitude does an earthquake need to cause major damage to manufactured homes?

“The answer to that remains unknown. We had an earthquake in 1989, that was 7.9 magnitude and the manufactured homes made it through that shake just fine.”

What is the difference between manufactured homes in mobile home parks versus residential homes foundation wise?

“Manufactured homes in mobile home parks are constructed onto a non-permanent foundation. They are not installed on a concrete foundation like residential homes are. They are installed onto a series of steel support piers. These piers offer structural foundation support as well as seismic support for any lateral forces caused by earthquakes. In some cases, this is actually preferred over a rigid concrete foundation system.”

Can older manufactured homes withstand earthquakes? If not, how often are manufactured homes replaced or upgraded?

“The newer the home the greater the structural integrity. The new manufactured homes are built to upgraded codes and higher engineering standards. These new homes replace the old manufactured homes every day throughout the area.”

Is there any reason you can think of that would cause someone not buy a manufactured home due to the threat of an earthquake?

“No. My experience is these homes are completely safe.”

Hopefully the interview shed light on the stability of manufactured homes and how well they withstand natural disasters. The foundation that manufactured homes stand on is one of the positives in purchasing a home! Safety is always a concern so – Why COMPROMISE? If you want more safety information of our homes call (888) 874-8692 to speak with one of our field agents today!

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