5 Great Reasons People Purchase Manufactured Homes

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  1. Manufactured homes are built in controlled environments under the factory roof and shipped in weatherproof wrapping.
  2. The costs per square foot is typically much less than site built homes.
  3. Manufactured homes can be completed faster than site-built homes.
  4. Manufactured construction is typically greener because building in a factory environment reduces a great deal of waste.
  5. Most manufactured home companies permit you to design your own home. Design and build a brand new home for less than your rent!

Alliance Manufactured Homes are Energy Efficient!

Global warming and rising energy costs are making home efficiency more important for the average consumer. These increasing concerns and awareness of environmental impacts have increased consumer’s interest in reducing their “footprint” on the planet.

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Manufactured Homes, which are built in a factory have some natural advantages over the traditional ‘site-built’ homes. The factory is able to use materials much more efficiently; cuts of raw materials are planned more adequately, and left-over materials can be reused, re-purposed or recycled, rather than being sent to the waste. National Association of Home reports that a typical 2000 sq.ft site-built home produces about 8000 pounds of waste. Manufactured Homes on the other hand are able to reduce that waste by 50-75%.

A factory built home is also likely to last longer than site-built home during an event of a natural disaster. Manufactured homes are being used to rebuild

the devastated communities, since these are built to withstand winds in excess of 200 mph.

Like other manufactured homes, Alliance Manufactured Homes are ‘green-building’ certified by EnergyStar™ program. EnergyStar™ is nationally recognized as a labeling program designed to identify and promote energy-efficient homes.  All homes by Alliance are EnergyStar™ labeled, and are more energy efficient in its heating, cooling, and water heating than a standard home.

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Alliance’s homes have effective insulation, tight construction, and high performance windows. Each EnergyStar™ qualified home keeps 4500 pounds of greenhouse gases out of the our air each year.Along with bringing environment benefits to our planet, EnergyStar™ homes provide financial benefits to the consumers also. Energy efficienthomes use less energy for cooling, heating, and water heating; saving the consumer about $200-$400 per year. Federal and State governments also offer a number of incentives to the buyers of these environment-friendly manufactured homes. The government provides an array of tax credits, sales tax reduction, and rate discounts for such manufactured homes.

It seems like green manufactured homes are perfect for the planet and the consumers. So

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for those of you, who are looking to help save the planet and some money should walk over to the Alliance Manufactured Homes Office. Investing in an Alliance energy-efficient home would be the right decision, which you will never regret!