5 Great Reasons People Purchase Manufactured Homes

Mobile homes on a trailer park at dusk

  1. Manufactured homes are built in controlled environments under the factory roof and shipped in weatherproof wrapping.
  2. The costs per square foot is typically much less than site built homes.
  3. Manufactured homes can be completed faster than site-built homes.
  4. Manufactured construction is typically greener because building in a factory environment reduces a great deal of waste.
  5. Most manufactured home companies permit you to design your own home. Design and build a brand new home for less than your rent!

Owning a Beautiful Manufactured Home can be a Reality!

Design a home like this!

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Buying a home is usually the largest investment people make in their lifetime. A manufactured is an incredible value, with resale potential matching that of any type of home. Manufactured homes are built to the high standards of HUD, (Housing and Urban Development). The manufactured home industry continually introduces new, innovative and cost-saving building techniques which ensures that quality, safety and durability of its homes constantly improve.

A custom-built manufactured home today, offers far more than the mobile homes and trailers of the past. A wide variety of floorplans and styles are available. Singlewide, doublewides and triplewides models can be found in many styles and price ranges. Because they are factory built, you can be assured that weather will not be a problem and that the best tools and supplies will be used to construct a safe home for you. Alliance Homes can help you customize a manufactured home to suit your needs… and make your dreams come true.

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