How Much Mobile Home Can I Afford?

One of the first questions we address with our manufactured housing clients is “How much mobile home can I afford?” 

There are many variables:  amount of down payment, income and debt.  Every client has a unique financial situation so our manufactured housing specialists can create a customized plan to get loan and park approval.  Sometimes that plan is to wait for 9 months until they secure more of a down payment.  Or Alliance works with our clients to boost their credit score. 

Some senior parks don’t require all the residents to be at least 55 years old.  In this case an income of a full time professional in their forties can be combined with a retiree’s income.  Mobile homes in senior parks tend to have a lower price point than all age parks.

Alliance also has strong relationships with mobile home lenders like Community West and Triad as well as brokers such as Mobile Home Loans.  Mobile home lenders just announced a decrease in interest rates this month so now is a great time to prequalify.

Our manufactured homes specialists can give you information on income requirements to get interested buyers started.  Mobile homebuyers cannot be pre-qualified over the phone but our manufactured homes specialists can explain the 3 times rule required by most mobile home parks.

All mobile home parks have different eligibility requirements.  They also have different space fees, amenities, rules and regulations.

Potential homebuyers should first determine where they want to live.  Manufactured homes specialists can then pull up listings in their preferred area.  If a homebuyer has 2 dogs, specialists can narrow down pet-friendly parks.  Once future homebuyers know a specific area then they can work on financing and park approval.  The process to mobile homeownership can be happen in less than 3 months or as long as homebuyers need to find their perfect home.  Making a call to an Alliance manufactured homes specialist is the first step.  888-874-8692

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