Alliance Giving Back to the Community In Many Ways

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The holiday season is in full effect and with the economy being as bad as the economy has been, the holiday season seems to become a time of depression rather than a time to rejoice. Since October, Alliance Manufactured Homes has been hosting a canned food and toy drive in accordance with the Sunnyvale Community Service Center to help the less fortunate families of the Sunnyvale community this holiday season.

Alliance collected and donated a variety of canned goods as well as many fun toys for children of all ages. On Monday December 5th, eight-team members from the Marketing Department volunteered at the Sunnyvale Community Services Center.  Four members help put together close to 300 bags of fresh produce enough for each family to use for two weeks. The other four members then assisted these families to their cars by pushing carts filled with food and goodies and loading them into their cars. They also unloaded trucks filled with bags of donated coats, jackets, and sweatshirts.

“One of the best feelings was seeing the huge smiles on someone’s face as they came through the center. It was amazing to see all of the volunteers coming together all for the same purpose: simply to make a difference,” said Shannon, one of the volunteers.

Witnessing how happy and thankful the less fortunate residents of Sunnyvale were with all of the food brought smiles to the Alliance Marketing members’ faces. Even when the times are hard for millions of people, a simple donation or taking a few hours to volunteer goes a long way.” Seeing all the people who were at the center as we volunteered made the experience that much more real because we got to see where all our donations went and how thankful for everything everyone was,” said Natalie, another one of the volunteers.

If you would like to make a difference in someone’s life visit SVC’s website at

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