Live in Luxury By Living Green


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One of our home manufacturers, Skyline Manufactured Homes ensures their homes are energy efficient in three ways: manufacturing the homes in a manner which is environmentally safe, building safety, and building the homes with many green features. We have included information from their website.  Let’s take a closer look!

Manufacturing the Homes in a Manner Which is Environmentally Safe 

  • Skyline has over 65 permits with environmental agencies and is continuously inspected to verify strict adherence to permit requirements. Despite these stringent requirements, Skyline has not paid a single penny due to an environmental violation in more than a decade
  • Skyline has completely eliminated generation of hazardous waste from all production materials. The only potentially-hazardous wastes generated are batteries from our walkies-talkies and fluorescent light bulbs. Both of these wastes are recycled through approved facilities
  • Skyline has eliminated purchasing materials in drums wherever possible to eliminate the cost and potential liabilities associated with disposal of contaminated drums
  • Each Skyline factory recycles all process waste materials, including wood, metal and plastic where feasible. At many factories, waste sawdust and drywall is used locally as a soil amendment and for animal bedding

Building Safety

  • According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, Skyline is four times safer than the average manufactured home factory. Better safety translates to a happier and healthier employee and a better product
  • Skyline invites OSHA to perform a voluntary inspection at each factory annually to continue to improve safety performance
  • Skyline has implemented an ergonomics program throughout the company since 1999 to improve worker safety and indentify best practices despite OSHA withdrawing regulations requiring such
  • Skyline has implemented a risk reduction program that has resulted in world-class safety performance. In recognition of this accomplishment, Skyline was requested to participate on the national advisory board of one of the nation’s largest insurance companies to indentify, promote, and share continuous improvement opportunities

Building the Homes with Many Green Features

Resource Efficiency:

  • Use of Prefabricated components (trusses)
  • Efficient framing practices through framing details and cut lists
  • Water Resistive Barriers (Tyvek for example) are standard on some products available on others
  • Ice Barriers available in cold climates

Energy Efficiency:

  • Energy Star Homes available
  • Energy Star appliances (dishwasher, refrigerator, clothes washer available.)
  • Building envelope treated to limit air infiltration leakage (mating line gasket, caulking at major envelope joints and penetrations, etc.)

Waste Efficiency:

  • Use of low flow fixtures (1.6 gpf toilets, 2.5 gpm showerheads and faucets.)
  • Energy Star dishwashers and clothes washers available

Indoor Environmental Quality:

  • Use low emissions wood (plywood meets PS-1, OSB meets PS-2)
  • Low formaldehyde emitting products used (CARB, etc.)
  • Water lines not installed in exterior walls
  • Sealed combustion or direct vent fuel burning appliances available (furnaces and water heaters)

To learn more ways in which Skyline is going green check out their website at

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