Perks of Becoming a Homeowner Versus Renter!

As the housing market remains stagnant and far from full recovery, one thing is clear: renting a home has become an increasingly popular option.

What is unclear, however, is the financial benefit that one gains from choosing to rent.  As stated in The San Francisco Examiner, “compared to second-quarter data from 2010, rents rose 8.3% in San Francisco and 9.3% in San Mateo County.” As rents continue to increase, it reminds us that the Bay Area is truly one of the most expensive locations in California, and even the United States.

Also stated in The San Francisco Examiner, “San Jose, the unofficial capital of Silicon Valley, experienced the largest increase at 6.6 percent, up from $1,650 to $1,759 per month.” With rent on the rise and no show of it coming down right now is the best time to buy a home and become a homeowner!

When you purchase a manufactured home, you are getting everything an apartment complex offers plus more! You own the home! You have your own privacy and space from neighbors. If there is ever a problem there is a park manager who lives there! Some mobile home parks offer a community recreational club with a community swimming pool. Other parks allow pets. Many houses have a small space for either a flower garden or a rock garden. These parks are great for families with children!  The parks are secure as well as safe because they are gated communities with a homey yet private feel.

The manufactured homes themselves are a great purchase and investment! Some homes are 2 bedroom 2 bathroom where as others are 3 bedroom 2 bathroom or a 2 bedroom 1 bathroom. The appliances are recently updated. If you want a new home or an updated home Alliance Manufactured Homes can make it happen for you! If you own private land and need a manufactured home, Alliance Manufactured Home can do custom ord

Why settle for an apartment complex with no privacy, no space from neighbors, landlords, and a continuing spike in rent when you can buy a manufactured home for a fabulous and reasonable price! Purchasing a manufactured home in these tough times offers a security blanket that an apartment complex cannot offer you – Why Compromise?!

Positive Outlook for the Manufactured Housing Industry!

More and more people are purchasing manufactured homes and for a good reason, too! Over the last two years, shipments of manufactured homes have greatly increased and now over 19 million Americans live in one. Not only are they 10 to 35% less expensive than site built homes, but they offer greater amenities, better quality construction, and are more energy efficient. No wonder why more people are switching to manufactured homes!

According to the CEO of Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI), Thayer Long, the industry is “a key economic solution for present and future home buyers”. He further states, “the manufactured housing industry is very much alive, and very much here to stay”.

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