Beautiful Open Homes This Weekend!

Come check out our Open Homes this Weekend! We are everywhere, from Daly City to Redwood City, from San Jose to Sunnyvale, and from Hayward to even Santa Cruz!

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Featured Property: Franciscan 48 Mooring


Testimonial From Happy Customers!

I would highly recommend Alliance Manufactured Homes for the following reasons:

Sales staff are great to work with. They are very knowledgeable on all aspects of MFH’s and the various parks in the Bay Area.

The Installation of the home was on time and complete. Alliance has always been very responsive to all our needs along the way.

My wife and I are very happy living in our Karsten home. The home is well built and nice to look at. All our family and friends have made nice comments about it. Our utility bills are very low since home is very efficient.


Dwight & Jessie Modrell

Why Choose a Manufactured Home?

Manufactured homes have evolved beyond the stereotypical mobile homes to become a high quality and respectable alternative for homeowners. Recently, many people have started choosing manufactured homes over traditional on-site built homes. Manufactured homes are fully customizable, and tend to have options that are higher quality than the on-site built homes. In comparison, manufactured homes are less expensive when compared to an on-site built home with the same features.

There is a vast assortment of options available for the homeowners to choose from. The buyer can choose from variety of features for almost every room in the home and if possible, even have the option to customize the outside of the home. Quality features that can be included in your new manufactured home: fireplace, deep-soaking bathtubs, built-in bookcases, skylights, entertainment centers, vaulted ceilings and custom cabinetry. For the kitchen, buyers can choose from granite or corian countertops, high-quality sinks, faucets, and built-in appliances. Our new manufactured homes are very energy efficient, varying from dual pane windows to energy efficients appliances.

Changing Image of Manufactured Homes

Today’s manufactured housing is not your father’s mobile home. Manufactured-home builders are shifting from trailer parks to infill lots and even entire communities of spacious, well-built homes on permanent foundations. While mobile homes still make up a big part of California’s manufactured-housing industry, builders are working to shake the image of the boxy mobile home and move into the private residential market.

Manufactured homes — also called prefabricated homes or off-site construction — cost less, take a fraction of the construction time, fit well in vacant lots and are one answer for cities trying to offer more affordable housing, builders say.

“It’s the best-kept secret in building,” says Otis Orsburn, president of Modular Lifestyles, a manufactured home designer and developer in Roseville. “The image of our industry is behind the times, but it’s one of the best values out there.”

What’s even more telling is that only 35 percent of the prefabricated homes being built in California go into mobile home parks nationwide, previously the industry’s biggest market. The bulk of the buildings, 65 percent, are going to private property. Manufactured homes are gaining popularity in the state (mostly in Southern California areas such as Orange County) but interest is creeping northward to the central San Joaquin Valley and the Bay Area.

Still, the industry’s old image lingers and some buyers — and planners — remain hesitant about putting a manufactured home in an urban setting.

John Schleimer, president of Market Perspectives, which does real estate research and consulting, says manufactured homes account for about a quarter of new homes built or sited in the nation.

“The problem they have is gaining acceptance in nonrural areas,” he says. “It’s got a place in the marketplace, but right now, there’s such a negative connotation it’s a tough sell.”

He says manufactured homes have made great advances in the last two decades and in some cases look better than site-built homes.

Market forces, increased housing demand and improved technology are combining to propel manufactured homes into the consciousness of developers, consumers and government officials. Manufactured homes come in sizes ranging from 400 to 4,000 square feet, with single- and two-story designs.

On-site construction of custom homes may take six to 12 months, with weather often hampering progress. With manufactured homes, the site can be prepared while the home is built in the factory, compressing construction time.

Mr. Orsburn says permit fees for a manufactured home are less than those for conventional homes because the houses are inspected at the factory instead of in the field, reducing the number of inspections.

*This article, “Manufactured Homes Push Beyond the Trailer Park Market,” was excerpted from Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal.


Top 6 Reasons to Purchase a Manufactured Home

  1. Manufactured homes can be completed faster than site-built
  2. Costs per square foot are typically much less for Manufactured
  3. Manufactured construction is typically greener because building in a
    factory environment reduces a great deal of waste.
  4. Most Manufactured home companies permit you to design your own home.
  5. Manufactured homes are not limited to single homes. Many
    multi-unit houses are now Manufactured.
  6. Manufactured homes are built in controlled environments under
    the factory roof and shipped in weatherproof wrapping.

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Financing Your Home

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